Cahoon Hollow Beach, Wellfleet, Cape Cod, Ma.
Wellfleet Harbor, Town Pier, Wellfleet, Cape Cod
Gull Pond, Wellfleet, Cape Cod, Ma.

Wellfleet, Massachusetts


Abiyoyo - 286 Main St., 508-349-8088WEBSITE
Aim Thrift Shop - assortment of second hand apparel, accessories for men and women, plus antiques; 305 Main St., 508-349-6622WEBSITE
Bookstore & Restaurant - 50 Kendrick Ave., 508-349-6996WEBSITE
Curiouser & Curiouser - handmade items; gifts, home and garden decor; 361 Main St., 508-214-0299WEBSITE
Eccentricity and Off Center - 354 Main St., 508-349-3634WEBSITE
Eclectic Co. - 14 Commercial St., 508-349-1775WEBSITE
Frances Francis Design Studio - women's clothing boutique; 326 Main St., 508-349-6464WEBSITE
Herridge Books - used book shop; 140 Main St., 508-349-1323WEBSITE
Karol Richardson Boutique - 11 West Main St., 508-349-6378WEBSITE
Lola's Local Food Lab - prepared foods, baked goods, tarts, sodas, olive oil; 317B Main St., 508-349-1700WEBSITE
Newcomb Hollow Shop - 275 Main St., 508-214-3301WEBSITE
Nicholas Harrison Gallery - apparel, jewelry, crafts; 25 Bank St., 508-349-7799WEBSITE
Periwinkle - 25 Bank St., 508-349-8205WEBSITE
Ragg Time Ltd. - seasonal women's casual clothing shop; 25 Bank St., 508-349-1266WEBSITE
Salt - women's designer boutique; 55 Commercial St., 508-237-4415WEBSITE
Sickday Surf & Skate - 3 West Main St., 508-214-4158WEBSITE
Wellfleet Crafts - 313 Main St., 508-349-6123WEBSITE
Wellfleet Marine - gifts, souvenirs, accessories, home decor; 25 Holbrook Ave., 508-349-6417WEBSITE
Whispering Cowgirl - artisan boutique, women's clothing, spiritual themed jewelry, horse riding gear; 10 Main St., 508-214-0158WEBSITE
Whispering Cowgirl Artisan Boutique - 10 Main St., 508-214-0158WEBSITE

Billingsgate Art & Antiques - 2393 Rt. 6, 508-214-0334WEBSITE
Blue Heron Gallery - 20 Bank St., 508-349-6724WEBSITE
Burdick Art Gallery - 25 Bank St., 508-349-0660WEBSITE
Cove Gallery - 15 Commercial St., 508-349-2530WEBSITE
Frying Pan Gallery - seasonal gallery; metal sculptures and more artwork by local artists; 50 Commercial St., 508-349-0011WEBSITE
Garage Gallery - 5 Somerset Ave., 508-349-3945WEBSITE
Glenn's Gallery - 220 Main St., 508-349-9413WEBSITE
Harmon Gallery - 95 Commercial St., 508-349-3617WEBSITE
Herring River Gallery - 3566 Route 6, 508-349-6812WEBSITE
Jeff Soderbergh - seasonal gallery; artists' furnishings, art, sculpture from reclaimed materials; 11 West Main St., 401-845-9087WEBSITE
Left Bank Gallery - 25 Commercial St, 508-349-9451WEBSITE
Narrowland Pottery - 2603 Rt. 6, 508-349-6308WEBSITE

Route 6
Briarlane Jams & Jellies - seasonal roadside stand; homemade jams & jellies; online store also; Rt. 6 and Briar Lane; 230 Briar Lane, 561-632-1122WEBSITE
Farmhouse Antiques - 20 Village Lane, 508-349-1708WEBSITE
Flea Market at the Wellfleet Drive-In Theater - large seasonal, mostly cash only flea market; check website for schedule; 51 State Hwy. Rt. 6, 508-349-7176WEBSITE
Moby's Cargo Gift Shop - 3199 Rt. 6, 508-349-3900WEBSITE
Riley's 2 Dollar T-Shirt Outlet - 464 Rt. 6, 508-349-1316WEBSITE
Yak Arts International - art, antiques, jewelry, furniture, home accessories in nearby town; 21 Rt. 6, Orleans, 508-349-3600WEBSITE

Ra Ra/Art Matenwa - online only; Wellfleet based collaboration with Haitian women artists; scarves, ornaments, stationery & moreWEBSITE
Wellfleet Farmers Market - downtown seasonal weekly market; fresh foods, baked goods, jams, jellies; located on Green behind Preservation HallWEBSITE
Wellfleet Waters - online only; fabrics, home decor, kitchen linens, bagsWEBSITE

General Information
Wellfleet Chamber of Commerce - WEBSITE
Wellfleet Town Website - beach, marina and shellfishing info; helpful linksWEBSITE

Mac's Seafood - 265 Commercial St., Wellfleet Town Pier, 508-349-9611WEBSITE

Even'Tide Resort Motel & Cottages - 650 Rt. 6, 508-349-3410WEBSITE

Abiyoyo, Main St., Wellfleet, Cape Cod Main Street, Downtown Wellfleet, Cape Cod Main St., Downtown Wellfleet, Cape Cod

Mac's Seafood on the Pier, 265 Commercial St., Wellfleet Town Pier, Cape Cod Tables at Mac's Seafood on the Pier, 265 Commercial St., Wellfleet Town Pier, Cape Cod Mac's Shack, 91 Commercial St., Wellfleet, Cape Cod Uncle Tim's Bridge, Wellfleet, Cape Cod

Wellfleet Harbor, Wellfleet, Cape Cod Mayo Beach, Wellfleet Harbor, Cape Cod

Cahoon Hollow Beach, Wellfleet, Cape Cod