Flaming Gourmet, Kennebunkport, Maine
Kennebunk River, Kennebunkport, Maine
Alano Ltd., Kennebunkport, Maine

Kennebunkport/Kennebunk, Maine


Abacus Gallery - Dana Heacock's vibrant colorful giclee prints, calendar posters, boxed notecards; also, home accessories, craft items, jewelry; online store; prints; other Maine locations; 2 Ocean Ave., 207-967-0111WEBSITE
Atlantic Cotton Co. - sportswear; 14 Dock Sq., 207-967-2855WEBSITE
Beach Grass - gift shop with beach and Maine themed items; 28 Dock Sq., 207-967-0493WEBSITE
Best of Everything - accessories, jewelry; 9 Western Ave., 207-967-8771WEBSITE
Candy Man - penny candy, fudge, taffy, handmade chocolates; 20 Dock Sq., 207-967-5693WEBSITE
Cape Madras - men's and women's madras patterned clothing; also madras bedding; 24 Ocean Ave., 207-967-1121WEBSITE
Carla's - high end women's clothing; sweaters; 30 Ocean Ave., 207-967-2206WEBSITE
Catwear - stylish polartec tops, sweaters, capes, dresses; 8 Spring St., 207-967-5060WEBSITE
Coastal Jewelers - high end gemstone jewelry; specialty in tourmaline; 28 Dock Sq., 207-967-0100WEBSITE
Compliments Gallery - local artists' gallery of furniture, home decor, jewelry, pottery, glass items; Dock Sq., 207-967-2269WEBSITE
Copper Candle - gift and candle shop; Byers Too Christmas items; 10 Dock Sq., 207-967-5656WEBSITE
Dannah - gift shop, hats, scarves, handbags, home decor items; 123 Ocean Ave., 207-967-8640WEBSITE
Daytrip Society - gifts, supplies, home decor; focus on nature and adventure; 4 Dock Sq., 207-967-4440WEBSITE
Daytrip, Jr. - toys and gear with an adventure theme; 9 Ocean Ave., 207-967-8345WEBSITE
Digs, Divots & Dogs - dog and golf themed gifts; dog clothing, dog toys; 2 Ocean Ave., 207-967-5661WEBSITE
Dock Square Clothiers - brand name women's & men's clothing; 17 Dock Sq., 207-967-5362WEBSITE
East and Design - Asian home products, gifts, art; 29 Ocean Ave., 207-967-8136WEBSITE
Flaherty Imports - imported hand knit sweaters for adults and kids; 5 Dock Sq., 207-967-5443WEBSITE
Flaming Gourmet - specialty sauces, jellies, spreads; gift baskets; Maine-made items; 28 Dock Square, 207-967-8825WEBSITE
Fleurant - home decor, gifts, accessories, jewelry, bath & body products; 173 Port Rd., 207-967-4242WEBSITE
Green Tangerine - women's clothing and accessories; 9 Western Ave., 207-967-8301WEBSITE
Hurlbutt Designs - fine furniture; 53 Western Ave., 207-967-4110WEBSITE
Julia's Gifts - Maine themed products; jewelry and children's items; 16 Dock Sq., 207-967-2656WEBSITE
KBC Dry Goods - t-shirts, hats, kitchen items, packaged food items, including jam, syrup; 8 Western Ave., 207-967-1261WEBSITE
Kate Madison Furniture & Home - handmade French Country style furniture; 39 Western Ave., 207-967-8989WEBSITE
Keys to the Kitchen - items for the kitchen, including cookware, linens & cook books by Maine authors; 155 Port Rd., 207-967-4904WEBSITE
Mainely Quilts - hand made quilts, wall hangings, gifts; fabric, supplies; located in Waldo Emerson Inn; 108 Summer St., 207-985-4250WEBSITE
Minka - original designs, artwork and crafts; jewelry, accessories, pottery; 5 Union St., 207-204-1014WEBSITE
Mountain Tops Resort Shop - t-shirts, relaxed summer apparel; 6 Ocean Av., 207-967-2685WEBSITE
Next Generation - children's clothing shop; 17 Dock Sq., 207-967-3611WEBSITE
Pink Tangerine - women's clothing and accessories; 11 Western Ave., 207-967-8308WEBSITE
Port Jewelry - designer jewelry, collectibles; 25 Dock Sq., 207-967-3973WEBSITE
Saxony Imports - souvenirs, t-shirts, gifts, sunglasses, Christmas ornaments; 50 Dock Sq., 207-967-4098WEBSITE
Shell Shack & Gallery - shells, souvenirs, gifts; 28 Dock Sq., 207-967-6200WEBSITE
Spaces - home decor, tabletop, bedding, books; 127 Ocean Ave., 207-967-0040WEBSITE
Stem to Stern - nautical themed gift shop; 28 Dock Sq., 207-967-2722WEBSITE
Stonehome Estate Jewelers - sellers and buyers of antique jewelry; also custom jewelry & appraisals; 17 Ocean Ave., 207-967-1285WEBSITE
The Good Earth - locally handmade pottery, including bowls, trays, serving dishes, vases; 7 Ocean Ave., 207-967-4635WEBSITE
Too Cool - sunglasses, accessories; 2 Ocean Ave., 207-967-2926WEBSITE
Toys in the Attic - seasonal toy shop; 15 Ocean Ave., 207-967-8336WEBSITE
Twig's Gifts & Furniture - home items, jewelry, scarves; 8 Western Ave., 207-967-1173WEBSITE
Whimsy Shop - gift shop; Dock Sq.; 207-967-5105WEBSITE
Zen and Company - women's casual dresses, skirts; accessories, jewelry; 13 Western Ave., 207-967-8899WEBSITE

Green Tangerine, Kennebunkport, Maine Mountain Tops Resort Shop, Kennebunkport, Maine Abacus, Kennebunkport, Maine

Minka, Kennebunkport, Maine Coastal Jewelers, Kennebunkport, Maine Zen and Company Gift Shop, Kennebunkport, Maine

Too Cool, Kennebunkport, Maine Dock Square Clothiers, Kennebunkport, Maine

Gooch's Beach, Kennebunkport, Maine View of Kennebunk River at Kennebunk sign, Kennebunkport, Maine