Lisa-Marie's Made In Maine, Exchange St., Portland, Maine
Casco Bay Ferry, Portland Harbor, Portland, Maine
Middle Street shops, Downtown Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine


Harbor View Gifts - 4 Moulton St., 207-828-0771WEBSITE
Edgecomb Potters Gallery - beautiful crafts, including pottery, metalwork, glass and wood pieces, jewelry, lighting; check hours; 49 Exchange St., 207-780-6727WEBSITE
Books Revisited - used book store; 477 Congress St., 207-773-9661WEBSITE
Bull Moose Music - 151 Middle St., 207-780-6424WEBSITE
Papier Gourmet - stationery, notebooks, journals, appointment books, invitations; 26 Free St., 207-871-0722WEBSITE
Portland Museum of Art Store - large selection of stationery based on artists' work; gifts, books; 7 Congress St., 207-775-6148WEBSITE
Agatha and Louise - 322 Fore St., 207-879-7297WEBSITE
Christmas Noel - Christmas store; Country Noel used to be here; 57 Exchange St., 207-536-0359WEBSITE
Coastal Maine Popcorn - 43 Exchange St., 207-899-1530WEBSITE
Emerald City - gift shop; 564 Congress St., 207-774-8800WEBSITE
Ireland's Crystals & Crafts - Irish products; 558 Congress St., 207-773-5832WEBSITE
Maine Potters Market - 376 Fore St., 207-774-1633WEBSITE
Shipwreck & Cargo - sea themed gifts and posters; 207 Commercial St., 207-828-8065WEBSITE
Lisa-Marie's Made in Maine - locally made crafts, artwork, home decor, food, cook books, accessories; 35 Exchange St., 207-828-1515WEBSITE
Treehouse Toys - 47 Exchange St., 207-775-6133WEBSITE
Waterlily - 26 Milk St., 207-775-5459WEBSITE
Vervacious - 227 Commercial St., 207-221-3590WEBSITE
Stonewall Kitchen - 182 Middle St., 207-879-2409WEBSITE
K Colette - artist made home products: crafts, tableware, accessories; 100 Commercial St., 207-775-9099WEBSITE
Folly 101 - home decor; 101 Exchange St., 207-773-5227WEBSITE
Company C - home decor; mostly textiles and upholstered furniture; bedding, rugs, fabric; 123 Commercial St., 207-780-1232WEBSITE
Expressly Trends - women's clothing boutique; 40 Exchange St., 207-774-8021WEBSITE
Asia West - Asian imports; furniture, throw pillows, home decor, curtains, table linens, jewelry; 219 Commercial St., 207-775-0066WEBSITE
Chelliswilson - clothing boutique; home decor; 17 Pleasant St., 207-518-9018WEBSITE
Enterprise Records - buy and sell albums; 650 Congress St., 207-773-7672WEBSITE
The Mind Gift Shop - jewelry, art, pottery, glass; hours vary; 399 Fore St., 207-253-5050WEBSITE
Guitar Grave - buy, sell, rent used guitars; 441 Congress St., 207-775-4414WEBSITE
Longfellow Books - independent book store; new & used; also magazines, children's section; 1 Monument Way, 207-772-4045WEBSITE
Old Port Card Works - greeting cards, calendars; 3 Moulton St., 207-773-5181WEBSITE
Green Hand Bookshop - 661 Congress St., 207-253-6808WEBSITE
Yes Books - 589 Congress St., 207-775-3233WEBSITE
The Merchant Company - clothing, home decor, pottery, jewelry, accessories; 656 Congress St., 207-772-8525WEBSITE
Paper Patch - 17 Exchange St., 207-774-3125WEBSITE
Springer's Jewelers - diamonds, wedding rings, estate jewelry, watches; 580 Congress St., 207-772-5404WEBSITE
Z Fabrics - contemporary fabrics, trim and patterns; Japanese fabrics, organic canvas; 477 Congress St., 207-773-1331WEBSITE
The Art Mart - art supply shop; 522 Congress St., 207-775-4244WEBSITE
African Style - 652 Congress St., 207-828-0312WEBSITE
Pandemonium - gift shop; 2 Exchange St., 207-761-3733WEBSITE
Ports of Call - postcards, vintage military clothing, souvenirs, gifts; 83 Commercial St., 207-828-8065WEBSITE
Stones & Stuff - crystals, stones, tarot readings; 556 Congress St., 207-874-0789WEBSITE
Strange Maine - pre-owned albums, movies; 57A Congress St., 207-771-9997WEBSITE
Cross Jewelers - diamonds, precious gems, Maine themed jewelry; 570 Congress St., 207-773-3107WEBSITE
Swiss Time - new and used watches; watch repair, jewelry; 88 Exchange St., 207-773-0997WEBSITE
Abacus - Dana Heacock's vibrant colorful giclee prints, calendar posters, boxed notecards; also, home accessories, craft items, jewelry; online store; prints; other Maine locations; 44 Exchange St., 207-772-4880WEBSITE
Black Parrot - 191 Middle St., 207-221-6991WEBSITE
Blanche and Mimi - 184 Middle St., 207-774-3900WEBSITE
Bliss - women's clothing boutique; jeans, sweaters, dresses; 58 Exchange St., 207-879-7125WEBSITE
Joseph's - men's casual and formal clothing; shoes; 410 Fore St., 207-773-1274WEBSITE
Lovell Designs - Ken Kantro's jewelry and tableware; unique nautical and nature inspired designs; 26 Exchange St., 207-828-5303WEBSITE
Lovell Hall Antiques - fine European, Asian and American furniture; home decor, lamps, art; 463 Fore St., 207-871-1868WEBSITE
Cool As A Moose - 388 Fore St., 207-774-4515WEBSITE
Liberty Graphics Co. - artistic designs rendered on t-shirts; organic materials; water-based ink; 10 Moulton St., 207-518-9599WEBSITE
Holly Hamilton Jewelry - 97 Exchange St., 207-772-8887WEBSITE
Folia - 50 Exchange St., 207-761-4432WEBSITE
Brook There - loungewear and lingerie; 37b Wharf St., 207-415-5605WEBSITE
The Black Dog - 215 Commercial St., 207-791-2724WEBSITE
LeRoux Kitchen - 161 Commercial St., 207-553-7665WEBSITE
Good Cause Thrift Shop - non profit thrift shop; furniture, home decor, clothing; 16 Forest Ave., 207-772-4903WEBSITE
Life Is Good - 428 Fore St., 207-253-5048WEBSITE
Lululemon Athletica - athletic and yoga apparel; accessories, running clothing and outerwear; 24 Milk St., 207-773-9820WEBSITE
Ten Thousand Villages - 33 Exchange St., 207-772-9306WEBSITE
Maria Antonieta Couture - uniquely designed wedding and special occasion dresses; scarves & shawls; 15 Free St., 207-871-8200WEBSITE
Carla's - 414 Fore St., 207-879-6306WEBSITE
Mexicali Blues - 9 Moulton St., 207-563-2583WEBSITE
Madgirl World - 569 Congress St., 207-518-9228WEBSITE
J. L. Coombs - outerwear clothing and shoes for men and women; 34 Exchange St., 207-253-5633WEBSITE
Justkim - reversible bags; accessories; 615a Congress St., 978-457-4071WEBSITE
Motifs - 221 Commercial St., 207-518-9494WEBSITE
Old Port Candy Co. - 422 Fore St., 207-772-0600WEBSITE
Paciarino - Italian grocer, wines, fresh pasta, sauce; restaurant also; 470 Fore St., 207-774-3500WEBSITE
Find - women's and men's previously owned vintage clothing; 16 Free St., 207-699-4285WEBSITE
Reny's - 540 Congress St., 207-553-9061WEBSITE
Siempre Mas - 377 Fore St., 207-879-1676WEBSITE
Freak Street Clothing - gifts, accessories, smoke shop; 10 Exchange St., 207-773-7325WEBSITE
Queen of Hats - 560 Congress St., 207-772-2379WEBSITE
Fish & Bone - formerly Fetch; dog and cat products; 195 Commercial St., 207-773-5450WEBSITE
Something's Fishy - souvenirs; 32 Exchange St., 207-774-7726WEBSITE
Zane - women's designer clothing, accessories, shoes; 41 Exchange St., 207-420-1800WEBSITE
Portmanteau - 3 Wharf St., 207-774-7276WEBSITE
David Wood Clothiers - 229 Commercial St., 207-773-3906WEBSITE
Encore - vintage resale clothing; 521 Congress St., 207-775-4275WEBSITE
Simply Scandinavian - Scandinavian imports; sweaters, books, shoes, toys, tableware; home decor; 19 Temple St., 207-874-6768WEBSITE
Tess' Designer Yarns - high quality yarns, patterns, kits; 305 Commercial St., 207-460-9276WEBSITE
Soakology & Teahouse - body, skin care products; massage spa; tea and tea making items; teahouse; 30 City Ctr., 207-879-7625WEBSITE
Nomads - 100 Commercial St., 207-347-7464WEBSITE
Serendipity - 34 Exchange St., 207-772-0219WEBSITE
Peter Renney's Fashions - 105 Exchange St., 207-774-1981WEBSITE
Leather Exchange - 38 Exchange St., 207-774-2562WEBSITE
Daunis Fine Jewelry - custom designed jewelry inspired by natural beauty of Maine; 616 Congress St., 207-773-6011WEBSITE
Toko Indo - handmade Indonesian jewelry, accessories, clothing; 9 Exchange St., 207-773-8980WEBSITE
Stonehome Estate Jewelers - buy and sell estate jewelry; appraisals; 50 Exchange St., 207-253-8075WEBSITE
Se Vende - jewelry, gifts; 4 Exchange St., 207-761-1808WEBSITE
Porte 4 - artist designed jewelry, nautical themes, Casco Bay bracelets, custom designs; 366 Fore St., 207-347-7104WEBSITE
Mary Amalia Jewelry - handmade creative jewelry plus accessories; 465 Fore St., 207-772-1285WEBSITE
Casablanca Comics - comic books, graphic novels, toys, t-shirts, posters, prints; 151 Middle St., 207-780-1676WEBSITE
Port Boutique/Visibility Downtown - women's clothing and accessories; 2 Wharf St., 207-879-1110WEBSITE
Corey & Co. - 19 Pleasant St., 207-761-4200WEBSITE
Pinecone+Chicadee - original designs, t-shirts, stationery, accessories; 6 Free St., 207-772-9280WEBSITE
Urban Outfitters - 188 Middle St., 207-253-5773WEBSITE
Moody Lords - vintage clothing, albums; 578 Congress St., 207-899-1149WEBSITE
Material Objects - consignment shop; 500 Congress St., 207-774-1241WEBSITE
J.L. Coombs - men's and women's shoes, boots and outerwear; 22 Exchange St., 207-253-5633WEBSITE
Cotton Garden - 55 Exchange St., 207-879-1500WEBSITE
D. Cole Jewelers - 10 Exchange St., 207-772-5119WEBSITE
Portland Trading Co. - 157 Middle St., 207-899-0228WEBSITE
CeX - buy, sell and donate electronics, video games, cd's, tv's, phones; 18 Exchange St., 510-859-7727WEBSITE
Fun Box Monster Emporium & Coast City Comics - comics, toys, t-shirts; pinball machines to play; 634 Congress St., 207-899-1505WEBSITE
Twist Boutique - styles for young women; junior sizes, accessories; 425 Fore St., 207-541-9202WEBSITE
Awear - hemp and other natural fiber clothing, glassware, glass-blowing studio, classes; 370 Fore St., 207-253-1655WEBSITE
Holly Stone - women's boutique; 99 Exchange St., 207-774-4047WEBSITE
Second Time Around STA - CLOSING; consignment boutique; 28 Exchange St., 207-761-7037WEBSITE
Lovely Things - 332 Fore St., 207-771-5450WEBSITE
Maxwell's Pottery - pottery from around the world; 384 Fore St., 207-780-1144WEBSITE

Fore Street - 288 Fore St., 207-775-2717WEBSITE
Street & Co. - 33 Wharf St., 207-775-0887WEBSITE
Standard Baking Co. - 75 Commercial St., 207-773-2112WEBSITE
Duck Fat - 43 Middle St., 207-774-8080WEBSITE
Portland Lobster Co. - 180 Commercial St., 207-775-2112WEBSITE
David's Restaurant - 22 Monument Sq., 207-773-4340WEBSITE
Emilitsa - 547 Congress St., 207-221-0245WEBSITE
Green Elephant - 608 Congress St., 207-347-3111WEBSITE
Eventide Oyster Company - 86 Middle St., 207-774-8538WEBSITE
Otto - pizzas and salads; two downtown locations; 576 Congress St., 207-773-7090; 225 Congress St., 207-358-7870WEBSITE
Central Provisions - 414 Fore St., 207-805-1085WEBSITE
Gilbert's Chowder House - 92 Commercial St., 207-871-5636WEBSITE
DeMillo's on the Water - 25 Long Wharf, 207-772-2216WEBSITE
Vinland - 593 Congress St., 207-653-8617WEBSITE
Becky's Diner - 390 Commercial St., 207-773-7070WEBSITE
Marcy's Diner - 47 Oak St., 207-774-9713WEBSITE
Lolita - 90 Congress St., 207-775-5652WEBSITE
Piccolo - 111 Middle St., 207-747-5307WEBSITE
Back Bay Grill - 65 Portland St., 207-772-8833WEBSITE
Hugo's - 88 Middle St., 207-774-8538WEBSITE
Five Fifty Five - 555 Congress St., 207-761-0555WEBSITE
Blue Rooster Food Company - 5 Dana St., 207-747-4157WEBSITE
Walter's Restaurant - 2 Portland Sq., 207-871-9258WEBSITE
Flatbread Company - wood-fired flat bread pizza restaurant; salads; 72 Commercial St., 207-772-8777WEBSITE

West End Inn - 146 Pine St., 207-772-1377WEBSITE
Press Hotel - 119 Exchange St., 207-808-8800WEBSITE
Pomegranate Inn - 49 Neal St., 207-772-1006WEBSITE
Fleetwood House - 10 Fleetwood St., 207-772-9592WEBSITE
Inn on Carleton - 46 Carleton St., 207-775-1910WEBSITE
Mercury Inn - 273 State St., 207-956-6670WEBSITE
Danforth - 163 Danforth St., 207-879-8755WEBSITE
Chadwick B&B - 140 Chadwick St., 207-774-5141WEBSITE
Inn at St. John - 939 Congress St., 207-773-6481WEBSITE
Morrill Mansion - 245 Vaughn St., 207-774-6900WEBSITE
Percy Inn - 15 Pine St., 207-871-7638WEBSITE
Inn at Park Spring - 135 Spring St., 207-774-1059WEBSITE
Portland Harbor Hotel - 468 Fore St., 207-775-9090WEBSITE
Hampton Inn - 209 Fore St., 207-775-1454WEBSITE
Westin Portland Harborview - 157 High St., 207-775-5411WEBSITE
Portland Regency Hotel & Spa - 20 Milk St., 207-774-4200WEBSITE
Hyatt Place - 433 Fore St., 207-775-1000WEBSITE
Marriott Courtyard - 321 Commercial St., 207-780-6000WEBSITE
Holiday Inn by the Bay - 88 Spring St., 207-775-2311WEBSITE
Hilton Garden Inn - 65 Commercial St., 207-775-2311WEBSITE
Embassy Suites Hotel - 1050 Westbrook St., 207-775-2200WEBSITE
Inn at Diamond Cove - 22 McKinley Ct., Great Diamond Island, 207-775-9090WEBSITE
Chebeague Island Inn - 61 South St., Chebeague Island, 207-846-5155WEBSITE
Inn on Peaks Island - 33 Island Ave., Peaks Island, 207-766-5100WEBSITE
Residence Inn by Marriott - 145 Fore St., 207-761-1660WEBSITE

Bull Moose Music, Middle St., Portland, Maine Siempre Mas, Fore St., Portland, Maine Christmas Noel, 57 Exchange St., Portland, Maine

Pandemonium, Exchange St., Portland, Maine Treehouse Toys, Exchange St., Portland, Maine Zane, Exchange St., Portland, Maine

Edgecomb Potters Gallery, Exchange St., Portland, Maine Toko Indo, Exchange St., Portland, Maine Urban Outfitters, Middle St., Portland, Maine

Black Parrot, Middle St., Portland, Maine Blanche and Mimi, Middle St., Portland, Maine Expressly Trends, Exchange St., Portland, Maine

Soakology & Teahouse, City Ctr., Portland, Maine Coastal Maine Popcorn, Exchange St., Portland, Maine Se Vende Imports, Exchange St., Portland, Maine

Longfellow Books, One Monument Way, Portland, Maine Mornings In Paris, Exchange St., Portland, Maine Cotton Garden, Exchange St, Portland, Maine

Bard Coffee, Middle St., Portland, Maine Flatbread Company, Commercial St. on waterfront, Portland, Maine Awear, Exchange St., Portland, Maine

Casablanca Comics, Middle St., Portland, Maine Gilbert's Chowder House, Commercial St., Portland, Maine

Mt. Dessert Is. Ice Cream, Exchange St., Portland, Maine DiMillo's On the Water Restaurant, Long Wharf, Portland, Maine Port Bean, Commercial St., Portland, Maine

Stonewall Kitchen, Middle St., Portland, Maine Waterfront in Downtown Portland, Maine

Fore St., Downtown Portland, Maine Downtown Portland, Maine