Scenic Shopping® Privacy Policy

Scenicshopping.com is committed to the privacy of our users, and letting you know which third party services we use to make our website better, and what their privacy policies are with regard to your data and cookies.

Accordingly, this Privacy Policy describes how we treat the information we collect when you visit our Website.

Scenicshopping.com uses Google Adsense to display advertisements on our website, and Google Analytics to capture information that can help us improve our site.

By accessing this website you consent to abiding by Google's user consent and privacy policy. In addition, there is a European Union User Consent Policy that explains their policy with regard to EEA (European Economic Area) customers.

Scenicshopping.com also uses Mail Chimp to ask users if they would like to subscribe to emails from Scenic Shopping. Please see the Mail Chimp Privacy Policy to learn how Mail Chimp collects and manages user data while collecting emails and sending out the email campaigns of Scenic Shopping. By accessing this website and joining the Scenic Shopping mail list, you consent to Mail Chimp's privacy policy.

Scenicshopping.com provides many links to outside websites of the shops, restaurants, inns, activities and other venues that we list on our townpages. These websites may collect data from you, store cookies and other data about you. These outside sites should provide a privacy policy and in the EEA (European Economic Area) they should gain your consent before doing so. Scenicshopping.com does not claim responsibility for these outside sites and refers you to each site's policies.

Scenicshopping.com creates local cookies on your device for the purpose of displaying and removing our COVID-19 ADVISORY at the top of our webpages, and for the Privacy Policy Banner that appears at the bottom of our webpages. These cookies are not saved or collected by Scenicshopping.com.

Scenicshopping.com itself does not collect any information from your use of our website. As stated above, Google Adsense, Google Analytics and Mail Chimp which we use on our website do collect information, use cookies, and tracking technologies to show you personlized content and targeted ads. This allows us to analyze our website traffic and understand where our visitors are coming from so we can serve you better.

This policy may be modified at any time by updates to this webpage. Thank you.

See also Scenic Shopping's Terms of Use.