Yes Gallery, Brown St., Wickford, R.I.
Bobbles and Lace, Central St., Wellesley, Mass.
The-Sew-Op, Phillips St., Wickford, R.I.
The Black Swan, gift shop on Wilton Rd., Peterborough, N.H.

Find Colorful and Stylish Masks While Supporting Shops

Need to restock your mask supply? Washable non-surgical masks can be ordered from creative shops in Scenic Shopping towns. Colorful prints, patriotic themes, stylish and fun masks are found at many small shops who have incorporated mask making into their regular business. If you are not interested in "do it yourself" projects right now, look to these small companies to find the masks you need to get you through the Fall. As for brand name designs, you can find Lilly Pulitzer patterns made into 3-packs of masks for adults and children. These turquoise and bright pink designs help you carry on the summer feel. (More)

Primavera, Bowen's Wharf, Newport, R.I.

You can order masks online or by calling these stores to ask them to ship the masks to you. Many offer curbside pickup. Lilly Pulitzer shops can be found in Edgartown, Nantucket, Chatham, Falmouth and on Newbury St. in Boston. If you are a Vera Bradley fan, you can find several bold designs on masks from The Black Swan in Peterborough, N.H. and from the Brown University Bookstore in Providence.


Done with summer and moving on to Autumn, then check out the greens and oranges at the masks from B Mango & bird in Lenox, Mass. These masks go around your head and have an adjustable cord. Kreatelier has added a multi-colored mask with fall colors in a plaid design. Ike Behar, the men's clothing store, has dark colored solids and an understated leaf design.


Feeling patriotic and wanting to get out the vote? The-Sew-Op in Wickford, R.I. has a nice "Don't forget to Vote today" mask in red, white and blue, as well as onoe with stars. Bristol Looms has 2 designs, one with fireworks and another with stars. Created Purpose has a great price on masks in limited supplies. Their designs include Red Sox, patriotic stars, books, musical instruments, airplanes, coffee, Rhode Island, fly fishing and plain old navy blue.


Esmeralda in Harvard Square has masks for adults and children in solids and patterns, including multi-packs for toddlers and kids. A book store offering masks for children and adults is Wellesley Books in Wellesley, Mass. They have curbside pickup in their back parking lot, as well as in-person browsing appointments and online ordering.


Sara Campbell shops, located in Chatham, Nantucket, Osterville, Nantucket, Wellesley and on Beacon Hill, have reversible designs on their masks so you can get 2 designs on one mask. Bobbles and Lace boutiques in Marblehead, Newburyport, Wellesley, Newbury St. Boston, Portsmouth NH, and Portland Maine have black, sequined, leopard and cheetah masks as well as other designs so you can accessorize your dresswear. They also have a "mask chain holder" with clasps for when you can take your mask off temporarily to graze on hors d'oeuvres. Custom and high fashion masks are being made by Sonia Garbarino in Georgetown, D.C. to be worn with wedding dresses and evening gowns. Masks expertly made with sequines, beads, detailed embroidery, satin or lace are functional and beautiful.


Want to keep things simple? If designs are not for you, try denim cotton masks from Lucky Brand, a large apparel chain with a shop on Newbury St. in Boston. Sea Bags shops with locations throughout New England Scenic Shopping towns offer a pack of 5 cotton masks with long ties in a simple off white color. They provide these masks, as well as a 4 pack of face shields to front line workers at a discount, and prioritize sales to them first. Gift shop, Primavera Newport in Rhode Island has a nice selection of patterned masks, some with cloth ties and some with elastics. They also carry lanyards for carrying your mask when not in use. They have white or black masks, an American flag mask, striped and polka dot patterned masks.


Is the mask the new accessory? Sure, why not! Wearing a mask keeps you and others around you safe. They can be fancy or plain. They can be a statement or an expression. They can follow seasonal themes and colors. Support these Scenic Shopping shops who have embraced masks and made these tough times just a little bit easier.


Check the CDC, Centers for Disease Control for details on mask quality guidelines and rules for mask wearing. Remember to allow time for shipping if you order online. Practice safe package handling by letting boxes sit for the appropriate amount of time then wiping them off with alcohol wipes. The CDC, Centers for Disease Control has guidelines on how the virus spreads on objects and how long packages should sit.


-M.A. Barrett (September 4, 2020)




Cotton masks made and sold by Created Purpose, Main Rd., Tiverton, R.I.
Colorful cotton masks made and sold by The-Sew-Op in Wickford, R.I.
B. Mango and bird, Main St., Lenox, Mass.
Wellesley Books, Central St., Wellesley, Mass.
Lilly Pulitzer, Main St., Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard
Masks from Lilly Pulitzer
Lilly Pulitzer, Main St., Chatham, Mass.