Helen's Leather Shop, Charles St., Boston, Ma.
Eugene Galleries, Charles St., Boston, Ma.
That's It! gift shop on Charles St., Beacon Hill, Boston, Ma.
Beacon Hill Chocolates, Charles St., Boston, Ma.

Hidden Gardens, Boutiques & Antiques -- Spring on Beacon Hill, Boston (contd.)

(Back) Mallard duck family who make their home in the lagoon of the Public Garden amidst the swan boats. Shops on Charles Street are nearby as are restaurants, inns and historic sites. There are clothing boutiques, antique stores, gift shops and a great antique map shop. The Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro and the Liberty Hotel are located on Charles Street. The XV Beacon Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel a half mile away near the State House. Cafes and restaurants are plentiful on Charles Street too so no reason to leave the area to find a snack, lunch or dinner.


The Charles River and the Esplanade are at the end of Charles Street. The Esplanade is a tree lined promenade that extends for three miles along the Charles River. On Beacon Hill, beautiful townhouses crowd the narrow streets. If you don't mind the hills, take a self-guided walk or a guided tour of the area. Walking through the Boston Common leads you to historic graveyards and more points along Boston's Freedom Trail.


The Charles Street shops are fun to browse and of course, there's the occasional sale. Flat of the Hill has wonderful candle aromas that greet you as you enter the small shop packed with gifts, jewelry, household and bath items. Blackstone's has a collection of upscale brands such as Vineyard Vines, Byers' Choice and Vera Bradley. Unique stationery, paper goods and decorations can be found in this friendly store. Holiday and Wish are two cute boutiques not far from Beacon Hill Chocolates. Eugene Galleries has a wonderful collection of antique maps, engravings and etchings. Exclusive Jewels offers one of a kind artworks, unique fine jewelry and watches.

When you need a break from exploring Charles St., there are many cafes and restaurants for a meal or a refreshing snack. Paramount is great for a quick delicious lunch. Pancakes and eggs are served all day. They cook up paninis, sandwiches and burgers on the grill. Just order and pay at the counter and your meal is brought to you at your table. The small pizza chain, Upper Crust, has its original store here on Charles Street. Panificio Bistro & Bakery and Tatte Bakery & Cafe serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner, as well as having tasty baked goods.


Beacon Hill and the Charles Street shops are fun to explore. There are interesting boutiques, antique stores and gift shops that are fun to browse. Spring blooms are emerging in the gardens and parks. Historic Boston and Charles River views are a few steps away.


-M.A. Barrett (April 2017)


Beacon Hill Flower Box, Hidden Gardens Tour, Boston, Mass.
Holiday Boutique, Charles St., Boston, Ma.

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